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First for 2009

Halfway through Jan and I have not yet updated the site with our Xmas + New Year goings on!

Happy New Year to you all.

We had a nice “low key” Xmas this year – much needed after a busy year and especially end to the year. My (Cam’s) parents came to our house this year for Christmas Day and we had what is now coming to be a tradition of a BBQ on the day. Reasonably easy and good for left overs for tea. With Joss and I working as many days through these holidays we appreciated the low key nature of the day.

We popped by to visit some of the Prices (part of the Simpson clan) later in the day and skyped into some Simpsons over at Disney Land.

Probably the nicest part of the holidays has been going out for family rides in the forest. Brook’s new 24” wheel bike makes it easy for him to keep up and we get quite a reasonable ride in. Joss has not had the best of luck with a few bike part failures (her bike is in the shop as I write!) but otherwise it has been a blast.

After New Years Day we shot off up to Golden Bay to Joss’s parents for a weeks holiday. The weather was great and we had a great time relaxing and going for walks. I manage to convince a Milnthorpe outing (where the beehive photo above comes from). I say that like no one wants to go there, it is not hard to convince people as it is a great spot, just that there are lots of spots to chose from and I always pick this one as it is a favourite of mine. Next time we’ll need to take Brook’s wee paddling boat.

We did a walk up the hill behind Joss’s parents house. This ended up being a bit of a mission. We silly chose to go up after tea – 7pm at night. True this was based somewhat on Ross saying the track was well cleared and only 10min up. Anyway it was a nice walk and there was a lot of potential for clearing out some areas for brilliant views up the valley. The only problem was the second part of the track had not been cleared and we lost the track. So just before 9pm we had the choice of walking back or bush bashing our way down. We chose bush bash and slid our way down as darkness came on rather quickly.

Another highlight was the trip to the Cobb Dam. This was some amazing country and we all enjoyed the day. The road in is certainly enough to put off a lot of people and I was pleased Ross was driving.

What will 2009 bring? Work for me is going to make last year look easy I think with some great challenges. Brook is looking forward to school again – he wanted one of the new starter teachers and got one. Joss is thinking about her art, work, and potentially some study. And we want to start some DIY around the house too. It is going to be another busy year.

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Back from Wellington and Dannevirke

With school holidays here we shot off to Wellington and Dannevirke for the week to catch up with friends and family.

Just to annoy the cat, we added another night to the trip and started off at Kaikoura. It was stormy so did not get out too much there and given I get sea sick, I was a little concerned about the ferry trip the next day, but the weather was meant to be fine… Apart from driving past a truck crash in which a young boy was killed, we had a good trip up.

The ferry trip went well even with some rolling waves out in the strait. Travel sick pills definitely taken! Brook loved the boat and the magic show that was on for the school holidays – poor man, two trips a day.

Duncan & Nic where good and their house was very nice – be it a long way up in the hills – google maps was very helpful, and once we’d done it once it was rather easy to get to. Their cat Mojo was not pleased to see us and we basically did not see him the whole time we were there. They both were able to take some time off work (we did not have to do any arm twisting – they jumped at the opportunity for a day off) so we got to spend a decent amount of time together.

We travelled along state highway 1 out of Wellington to Dannevirke which was cool. Some nice country. The stay in Dannevirke was definitely a highlight. We all went to the cemetery to see Ray’s grave (my birth father) – this was the first visit for Joss and Brook so that was good to have them there (my wife and son to “meet” Ray for the first time). We turned up and there was a funeral going on!

We caught up with Nolan and Val having tea with them in their new house. They have made themselves a beautiful home. Nolan took us out to the old farm which I think I have not been on for 20 odd years. And we then had morning tea with Bonnie who happened to be in town at the same time! So that was good timing since we had not been well enough organised to go further afield.

Heading back to Wellington via state highway 2 meant a calling into the Schoc chocolate shop which fattened the waste line and thinned the wallet.

Joss could not be in Wellington without spending time (or having a drink) with Justine. Let the good times role!

Reading there was a storm warning meant I did not sleep well the last night but the return ferry trip ended up being smoother than the first. The wind whilst making for some white caps along the whole trip did not make for any big waves. And the brilliant weather meant we had fun a the beach and brought home lots of stones and shells too.

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Birthdays & changing rooms

I have been meaning to write something in ages (and no new photos in a year!). Time seems to be zooming by. It is birthday season in our family – April, May & June for the three of us. With Joss’s today we had a nice lunch out and mini golf of all things (Brook’s idea – and it was actually surprisingly fun). Brook was the only one who got a hole in one. But then he was the only one who was 20 over par on a couple of holes!

We have shifted some rooms around to make better use of space and things like the computer more accessible, esp when we have visitors. Brook now has a bigger room which he loves. Although first night in it a tummy bug meant all the rooms that we cleaned Brook ended up being sick in :(. It also meant a wireless network as there was not any great options extending the CAT5 cable network. Am thinking we may need a larger gain aerial since we have a number of walls to go through, but otherwise it seems to work well. Quick to set up and to enable encryption etc. I think though better gain aerials should be included in the pack, esp when targeting the home market where people are probably going to have more walls, cupboards etc in the path.

So we all seem busy & constantly tired. Joss has more hours at work now and I am adding some IT enterprise architecture work to my day. We are looking forward to a holiday to catch up & have a break.

Later days.

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Mini Golf

Ready to start

Joss and I are finally over the flu so at last I feel about ready to start the year. I did just over 2 & 1/2 days at work last week and felt shattered! So hopefully this week will be better. Still, first time in nearly 8 years since I last went to the doctor so that is cool.

Looking forward to getting back on my bike – even just to be biking to work and back. I definitely went backwards fitness & weight wise in the last 4 weeks.

We saw the movie “Open Session” this morning. It was reasonable, although any movie that all of the best scenes are shown in the shorts is a little disappointing. Flushed Away is definitely my favourite family movie recently – laugh out loud funny that one.

We spent the afternoon digging out some paving stones around our BBQ area. The area has always missed something and whilst we will probably put in some decking at some stage, once the grass grows this will definitely be an improvement. A little bit of sun burn to prove it might just be summer too.

14. January 2007 » Biking, Family, House, Work

2007 Starts

Well we are into week 2, day 9 of 2007. I should be at work now but am off sick – I have missed the first 2 working days of the year! Not the best start but better now when things are quite than during a really busy time.

Our Xmas / New Years was good – we were in Golden Bay for nearly 2 weeks. Joss walked the Heaphy Track with her friend Justine over New Years which they really enjoyed. We have been looking for short over night stays for taking Brook on – but there are not many. Might have to look at good places with day walks that we can camp at.

Apart form not feeling 100% and weather, we have had a good break. Not too sure about feeling ready to start another year, but I think we will do a weekend away soon enough and will get back into the swing of things soon too.

You may have noticed the new web site design. I had been thinking about it over the holidays (the lack of computer access was driving me nuts!) and then Joss had taken some great photos so I took the opportunity of not being up to much whilst sick to work on a simple new design. Hope you like it.

Happy New Year to you all.

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A day off work? sounds great, but the family has spent the weekend all with colds or possibly the flu, and we are not all on the mend yet. Brook is watching a video with a bucket in front of him – you can picture the day we have had, which is not fun when you are sick yourself.

But enough of that – we had a great weekend in Hamner last week and with my Twizel project out of the way, we are ready for some great family time and hopefully a more sedate year. We have been doing a few family bike rides together and Joss is really enjoying the riding and getting into it. A family of mountain bikers – the best there is.
Later Days.

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Twizel, Home, Twizel, ...

Yay! At the end of the second week of a three week project implementation in Twizel. Luckily I have been able to come home for the weekends (what is left of them that is once you take out travel time home & back).

I think for the third & final week I actually will get some variation by being in a different motel room this week! Room 2 had become my home away from home (and I am not being cheeky about the motel, the rooms are very nice just not really designed for 3 weeks inhabitation – at least the studio rooms that is).

The project is going very well, which is good. Being away from my family for extended time (by our standards) is not fun though. Luckily I finish before the long weekend with New Zealand day on Monday (Waitangi Day to be correct). We are all looking forward to a nice long weekend together and returning to our normal routines.

29. January 2006 » Family, Work

Welcome 2006

2006 – started with me working, it may have only been for an hour, but hopefully that is not a sign of things to come (it is for January, but I knew that already, so I am talking about post Jan).

We all had a great Xmas with both sets of parents here & my bother Dunc. Great food, drink, presents, & company. Could not really ask for much else. Brook naturally received the biggest haul of presents – it took him 2 days to get everything opened!

New Year’s was very quiet in our household – Joss unfortunately getting a tummy bug on the 31st but luckily in was mostly better come the evening.

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